Each week we meet together on Sundays at 4PM for our main worship service. Services last about 60 minutes and include:

Worship - Each Sunday we spend about 30 minutes worshipping God, singing songs written by and for our church, as well as music from the church at large.

Communion - Each week we remember Jesus' sacrifice by taking communion together. This is open to all who follow Christ.

Offering - The Bible says that we shouldn't give reluctantly or under compulsion, so we don't pass a plate to collect offerings. Instead, you're welcome to give financially as part of your worship any time during the service or online.

Sermon - We teach from the Bible - no shouting, stomping, or spitting, just an honest look at Scripture. Meaningful and relevant topics are delivered in a conversational style.

Prayer - No hype, no pressure, and no showmanship. Just a chance to receive individual prayer, or to continue in prayer on your own at the conclusion of every service.


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